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Llanmartin Primary

 Our School Vision - ‘Together We Can Achieve’

Llanmartin Primary school is fully inclusive and attracts children from the local community.  The school benefits from a wonderful school site and fantastic outside areas.  The school is in a pleasant rural setting on the Underwood Estate.  We cater for children aged from 3 – 11 years from Underwood and surrounding communities.  The school delivers its curriculum and conducts its business through the medium of English, with an increasing use of incidental Welsh.

We are fortunate to have a positive and hard-working staff team who support each other fully, sharing ideas and best practice and together, we have designed a curriculum that is relevant to our school.

All classes, throughout the school, are named after castles found in Wales.  We have three mixed year group classes.

We have a mixed age range Learning Resource Base integrated in to our school.  This class is taught by a teacher with the support of two Teaching Assistants.  Nearly all of the pupils in this class come from outside the school’s local catchment area.

Through our vision of ‘Together we can Achieve’ we aim to develop ambitious and capable learners who, through a wealth of exciting experiences and challenges in a vibrant learning environment, develop into respectful and inquisitive learners who care about the local community, Wales and the wider world.  We aim to nurture happy and confident, well rounded individuals who have a life-long love of learning, realising their true potential.

Our School Aims:

  • Provide a safe, happy and secure environment where everyone starts and finishes each day wanting to learn because they feel confident and valued.  

  • To provide a varied, balanced and evolving curriculum that celebrates individuals’ learning styles, talents and interests, whilst promoting stimulating, lively, enquiring minds and a natural curiosity about the world in which they live.

  • To establish a learning community where everyone works in partnership to develop an ethos of care, respect and consideration of each other and where the views of the individual are encouraged and respected.

  • To be a school where the highest standards of behaviour are expected and celebrated and where there is respect for ourselves and others.

  • Be proud of our Welsh heritage, to promote bilingualism and enjoy learning through the medium of Welsh.

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