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Meet The Governors

Community Governors/ Llywodraethwyr Cymunedol

Anke Hillman - Chair

I was born in Germany and study teaching, including for pupils with special needs.  It has always been my passion to work with children. We moved to England in 2004, and after working in a care home for senior citizens, learning English through a college course with a Cambridge University examination certificate, I worked in a Care Home for children with special needs. In 2012 we moved to Underwood and in 2017 I became a Governor at Llanmartin Primary School and since 2020 I am Chair of Governors. I like my role as Governor and enjoy the interaction with the children.  

Vanessa Jones - Vice Chair

My name is Vanessa Jones and I am currently Vice Chair of the Governing Body.  I am retired and have been a Governor for about 6 years.  Prior to that I was employed as the Clerk to the Governing Body, so my association with the school goes back a long way, and I have acquired a good understanding of the work and needs of this unique school.  It's lovely to hear all the positive news from Mrs Curtis and from the children themselves.  I'm sure that, with parents, staff and Governors working together, we can create an even more positive environment for the children of Llanmartin to enable them to flourish. 

Rev David Collingbourne - Minor Authority symbolic

About two years ago the Llanwern Community Council were asked if one of their councillors would be a school governor for this school, so I volunteered. During these last two years I have learnt about the duties of a governor, school budgeting, staffing and also the curriculum.  I recently attended the school for what is called ‘Pupil Voice Activity.’ During this time a small group of pupils showed us their books and explained the type of work they had been engaged in. I was very impressed with the way our pupils spoke and the confidence they had in their work.  I spent the afternoon with these pupils who, in my opinion reflected well on both the school and the staff, not only were they being educated in the usual subjects i.e. reading, maths etc, but they are also getting a knowledge of personal well being and gaining in their confidence coming from a school where they feel happy and confident, and to see these pupils like this is why I am a governor.  Anything I can do to help this school then the Head has only to ask.

Janice Chappell

I am a community governor at Llanmartin Primary School.  I have been married for over 34 years. I have vast knowledge in lots of different areas, including Education, sports, hospitality, manufacturing and security.  I have been working with Llanmartin Primary school for over 23 years as a Rugby Development Officer and have been involved with Newport and Monmouthshire LEA during this time.  As well as previously being on the governing body I have worked at the school as a Teaching Assistant.
As a Community Governor, I wish to support the school going forwards and achieving its full potential and working with the local community.  I am excited and I am full of enthusiasm for my Governors role at Llanmartin Primary.

Headteacher/ Pennaeth

Victoria Curtis

LA Appointed/ Penodwyd gan yr ALl

Richard Dale

I joined the governing body as a local authority governor in 2020. I became interested in the role following a number of years working closely with the school and the Llanmartin community to develop a range of health and wellbeing initiatives, while based at the Underwood Leisure Centre. My work during the last 10 years involves supporting the development of sport, leisure, art and cultural opportunities for Newport and its residents. As a governor, I am passionate about the role the school plays within the community and supporting the staff to provide all pupils with the best start in life by providing a positive and nurturing experience.

CC Ray Mogford

I first became a school  Governor over 14 years ago when my son, Jonathan, was in primary school In Langstone.  It was via this route that I was  motivated to become a Councillor at  Newport City Council.  I  am now a Local Education Authority appointed Governor at Llanmartin Primary School, a role I took up starting back in May 2022. 

For many years I also worked in the world of electronics and software and was involved in customer training and support. This has made me realise that education is a life-long activity and that the early years are crucial in so many ways. I am proud to be part of a great team cooperating and challenging ourselves to create the best environment for children starting out on their life long Journey.

CC Will Routley

In my capacity as school Governor & Councillor I am steadfastly committed to upholding the dignity and rights of our children. It is my firm belief that every child deserves to experience an educational journey enveloped in a nurturing and compassionate atmosphere. Such an environment is not only conducive to their well-being but is also essential for fostering their ability to flourish.

I am dedicated to supporting the School in maintaining a loving and caring educational environment that empowers our children to succeed.

Parent Representative/ Cynrychiolydd Rhiant

Hannah Dalzell

I joined the governing body as a parent governor for Llanmartin primary school at the start of 2022.  I became interested in the role as my son attends the LRB here, being a parent to a child with additional needs has taught me the importance of advocating for my child. I believe every child deserves the best education to fulfil their potential. I am proud to be part of the team striving to improve and enhance all of the children’s school lives here at Llanmartin Primary School.

Jenni Farley

My name is Jenni Farley and I am a parent governor. I am also a teaching assistant in the school and chair of the PTFA. As you can see I am very involved with the school! I absolutely love my job and my other roles! Being a parent governor is important to me as I wanted to be as involved as I could with my daughter’s education, I then became employed by the school and now all the children's education is important to me. I love being able to help wherever I can, and I love watching the children achieve.

Barry Brownett-Evans

I joined the Governing body as a Parent Governor in September 2023.  I have lived a stones throw from the school since 2011 and am a father to two adopted boys along with my husband. I originally come from West Wales and am a Welsh Speaker and have a love of many sports, particularly rugby. My work involves supporting people with all types of illness and I have a particular interest in Mental Health where I offer guidance to many people daily and am a Mental Health First Aider. I have always had a particular interest in equality and diversity and am committed to ensuring all pupils are treated fairly and consistently at the school with equal opportunities for all.

Teacher Representative/ Cynrychiolydd Athrawon

Helen McCormick - Deputy Headteacher

Hayley Cheney

I am the year 5 teacher and a member of the school leadership team. I have proudly been teaching for 7 years and I come into school with a spring in my step each day. I am a passionate champion of digital technology and the world of languages and language teaching. I value the opportunity to be part of children’s lives and help shape their futures. I am excited to be part of the Governing Body and to have the opportunity to help shape and continue to strengthen our school and community.

Support Staff Representative/ Cynrychiolydd Staff Cymorth

Anne-Marie Bevan

Contact with the Governors can be made via the school:

Llanmartin Primary School

Waltwood Road



NP18 2HB

Tel: 01633 412660


Chief Education Officer

Mrs Sarah Morgan

Civic Centre


South Wales


Tel: 01633 656656

Purpose of the Governing Body

Clerk to the Governing Body Sian Farquharson



Governors have a strategic role to provide future direction and guidance for schools, with collective responsibility for matters such as the School Improvement Plan, defining the aims and ethos of the school, ensuring delivery of the curriculum, setting the budget, maintaining school premises, agreeing the staffing structure, reporting annually to parents and action planning after Inspections. Parent Governors have a further role in providing a formal link between parents and the school.

The Head teacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school, with the Governing Body acting as a critical friend. Governors work in partnership with the Head teacher and Local Education Authority. For all schools, panels and sub-committees are essential. Our sub-committees are Finance, Curriculum, Premises and Staffing. These sub-committees look into a variety of issues during the year and reports are given to the next meeting of the Governing Body.

Annual Report to Parents

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