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School Meals

School Lunches

Healthy cooked meals are provided by Chartwells.   The food is prepared and cooked on site in the school kitchen by our school cook, Mrs Wilkins.

Lunch is served at 12.00pm for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils and from 12.20pm for our Year 3, Year 4 , Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.  All our Teaching Assistants assist with lunchtime cover supporting Mrs Wallbank, our Senior Midday Supervisor and Mrs McDonnell our Midday Supervisor.

The weekly menu is always included on the weekly newsletter.

From September 2023, all pupils in the school will be entitled to a free school meal.  This is provided by the Welsh Government.

Free School Meals

Parents in receipt of Income Support are entitled to free meals for all children attending the school.  It is important that all entitled families are registered in order for the school to be ‘judged’ and funded correctly. This information is held confidentially in the school and no pupil will be made aware of their entitlement, or that of others.

All applications must be completed online at and then follow the school meal link. 


If you would like support in completing the form, please ask at the school office.

School Meals
School Meals
School Meals
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